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Parents want and need to talk to their kids about sex and growing up but may struggle with knowing how to  initiate this conversation. What do I say? How much do I say? When should I say it? These are some of the questions we help parents answer. Some parents are waiting for the kids to ask, and some kids will never ask!

Many parents choose our classes, where they learn with their children in a fun, group environment. Class format includes mini-lectures, video, games, question bags, and role-plays to accommodate a variety of learning styles. The Talk Institute also provides classes designed just for parents, to help parents have these talks on their own if they prefer.

Whether you choose to attend alone or with your child, our courses supplement the school system programs and allow you to share your own values and actively participate in your child's sex education.

Pricing is based on a minimum class size of 10 pairs for parent-child classes or 10 participants for parent-only classes (for Girl Scout classes, the minimum is 12 pairs).

Talking The Talk Together Series

The Talk Courses

Our Most Popular Course

Late Elementary - Youth ages 9-11 attend 5 weekly 2-hour classes. Boys & girls taught separately. Abbreviated courses available. (view video clip video clip available soon)

Middle School - Youth ages 11-13 attend 4 weekly 2-hour classes. Boys & girls are taught separately. (view video clipvideo clip)

Late Middle/Early High School - Youth ages 13-16 attend 4 weekly 2 1/2 hour classes. Boys & girls can be taught separately or co-ed. (view video clip video clip available soon)

Full Course Description and Fees

Let's Chat

The Basics

Ages 8-11

Is your child not quite ready for Talk 1? Let's Chat is our abbreviated 2-and-a-half-hour class offering. Boys & girls are taught separately about their own hygiene, reproductive anatomy, and changes during puberty. We leave the What is Sex talk to you.

Full Course Description and Fees

Life Talks

Continuing Education

Important Life Skills

Ages 8-16

Want to go the extra mile? You can attend Life Talks with your child before or between Talk programs.

Life Talks is a series of continuing education classes. Choose from a list of topics that are just as important as sex and puberty, like: Self Esteem and Body Image, Being Internet and Media Savvy, Dealing with Peer Pressure, and BFFs & Frenemies. Boys and girls are taught separately.

Full Course Description and Fees

Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

A Refresher for Parents

Prefer to teach your child yourself?  We offer courses designed to prepare parents for important discussions on a variety of topics. 

Parents who prefer to discuss sex and growing up with their kids on their own often welcome and appreciate a refresher of information before doing so. 

Full Course Description and Fees

Opportunity Knocks

For Dads

A bit frightened at the prospect of your daughter turning into a young woman? Then you're a completely normal dad.

This 2-hour class is designed for dads only and is an excellent follow-up to our Talk 1 for Girls program. This is your opportunity to learn how to teach your daughter to expect honesty and respect from men.

Full Course Description and Fees
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