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Let's Chat (for Boys or Girls)

Growing up can be scary for kids. Let's Chat makes puberty a little less scary by letting kids know why and how their bodies are going to change before they actually start changing.

Let’s Chat is an abbreviated version of The Talk that teaches 8- to 11-year-olds what they need to know about their own bodies including:

  1. Female OR male anatomy and puberty changes
  2. Emotional changes
  3. Menstruation OR erections/wet dreams
  4. Hygiene and acne
  5. Crushes

This one-time, 2-and-a-half-hour class is limited to information about a child's own sex. It does NOT cover all topics covered in Talking 'The Talk' Together courses such as the anatomy and puberty of the other sex, what is sex, pregnancy, conception, STD basics, and peer pressure.  However, for groups with limited time or for those who would like to complete the full Talking 'TheTalk' Together series at a later time, this is an excellent offering.

Workbook and hygiene kit are included.

Course Fees

$65 per parent/child pair (minimum 10 pairs)


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