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Life Talks

Life Talks are 2-hour classes focusing on important life skills such as Internet safety, fostering healthy relationships, dealing with peer pressure, and good communication. If you want to start on lighter topics before discussing sex and growing up, you can schedule these classes before Talk 1. Or you can use them to stay connected between Talk courses.

Below is a list our Life Talks continuing education classes. We can also customize topics upon request.

BFFs and Frenemies

Preteen and teen social life is a minefield of drama, secrets, cliques, bullies, jealousy, and gossip. In this course we give kids tips on how to fit in and what to do about feeling left out. It's all about what kids should expect of friendship - how they should expect to be treated and how they should treat their friends.

Under Pressure

Kids learn tips and techniques to take the pressure off of being pressured. They learn the difference between passive, aggressive, and assertive communication and how to use their body language, tone, and words to combat unwanted pressure. Includes role plays and mock situations to practice.

Body Image and Self-esteem

What does being beautiful really mean? We explore what builds and tears down self-esteem and confidence. We examine how women are portrayed in the media and decipher what's true and what's baloney.

  • Body Image & Self-Esteem 1 (kids 9-12 years old)
  • Body Image & Self-Esteem 2  (kids 13-16 years old)

Being Internet and Media Savvy

Kids are all over the Internet these day, and parents often feel left behind. We emphasize the importance of being safe, including what information should be kept OFF the Internet to protect against predators and to keep from developing a bad reputation. Social networking sites, Internet pornography, and cyber bullying are just a few of the topics that can be discussed.

  • Internet Safety 1  (kids  9-12 years old) - 2 Sessions - Basic information about how to use the Internet safely and why this topic is so important.  Plus, great tips for parents about how to keep their children safe.
  • Internet Safety 2  (kids 13-16 years old) - 2 Sessions - We go into greater depth about Internet safety and how to protect privacy and reputation.

Course Fees

Although fees for single sessions, specialized classes, and parenting courses may vary, below is a general guideline for fees.

$50 per parent/child pair for each session (minimim 10 pairs)


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