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Parenting Classes

Prefer to teach your child yourself? We offer courses designed to prepare parents for important discussions on a variety of topics.

Below is a list of our Parenting Classes. A customized curriculum is also available.

Parents of Kids 3-8 years old

  • “Where Do Babies Come From?” - Learn how to confidently answer the all-time favorite question, “Where do Babies Come From?”  We discuss how to answer this question honestly with age-appropriate answers.
  • Setting Boundaries & Touching - Learn how to teach your children about good touch, bad touch, modesty, and privacy, as well as setting boundaries for self-touching.
  • How to Be an Approachable Parent & Using Teachable Moments - Learn what makes a parent approachable, how to improve skills in this area, how to respond to difficult questions, and how to maximize what The Talk Institute believes are teachable moments.

Parents of Kids 8-16 years old

  • Sex & Growing Up - Learn how to broach this sometimes difficult conversation with your child. What to say, how much to say, and when to say it will be discussed. Leave with resources to help you beyond the class.
  • Teen Sex, STDs, & Birth Control - Arm yourself with the latest information, trends, and statistics regarding teen sex and teen pregnancy. The latest methods of birth control and STDs are discussed.
  • Internet Safety- Learn what you need to know about social networking websites, Internet use among kids, and keeping your children safe online and in real life.  Internet pornography is also discussed.

Course Fees

Course details may vary. Minimum 10 participants. Call for pricing.


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