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Raising Healthy Kids™: Families Talk about Sexual Health

Young people who have open, honest communication with their parents are more likely to take fewer sexual risks. Raising Healthy Kids: Families Talk About Sexual Health is a set of videos produced and distributed by Family Health Productions. (Click here to order) The videos help parents gain knowledge and comfort in talking with their children about sexual health. Videos include interviews with children, parents and experts. Video #1, For Parents of Young Children, addresses setting limits, telling the truth, labeling body parts, how babies are made, self-touching, appropriate/inappropriate touch and more.

View six short clips from the video. To view a clip, just click on one of the links below the description of the clip.

Clip 1: Introduction

Raising Healthy Kids Introduction video [video clip]

Clip 2: Being Your Child's Primary Sexuality Educator

Children get verbal and nonverbal messages about sexuality from their parents every day. They see their parents' reaction to TV programs or jokes. They observe interactions between their parents and between other adults. This segment reminds parents that they are their children's primary sexuality educators, even if their children live with them only part time. This clip reminds parents that communication about
sexuality begins at birth. [video clip]

Clip 3: Teachable Moments

An ideal way to teach a child and to share information and values is through using a teachable moment. Some parents struggle with how to bring up the issue of sexuality with their children. A good way to approach the subject is to watch for teachable moments that provide opportunities to talk about events occurring. Maybe the dog has puppies. Maybe a neighbor has a baby. Maybe the family hears something on TV. This clip gives examples of how others have taken advantage of teachable moments. [video clip]

Clip 4: Self-Touching

Child development experts say that, as children explore their bodies, it is natural for them to touch themselves. The subjects of self-touch and masturbation make some parents uncomfortable. In this clip, viewers hear how families, with a range of values, have dealt with these subjects. [video clip]

Clip 5: Sharing Your Values about Sexual Intercourse

Young people learn about sexual intercourse from a variety of sources. Certainly, they learn about sexual intercourse from their friends and the media. Parents have the right and the responsibility to discuss with teens their values and the family's beliefs about right and wrong. Parents also need to let teens know what they hope for them and expect from them. [video clip]

Clip 6: Respecting Their Independence

As children grow into adulthood, they need to develop a sense of who they are and what they value. This segment helps viewers understand how one of the best gifts parents can provide teens is a strong sense of self and the ability to make healthy, independent decisions. [video clip]

Click here to order Raising Healthy Kids: Families Talk about Sexual Health.

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