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talking the talk together series(Courses are taught with parent(s) attending all or most sessions)

Late Elementary - Youth ages 9-11 attend 5 weekly 2-hour classes. Topics range from: Male & Female Anatomy, Puberty and Hygiene, What is "Sex", Resisting Peer Pressure, & learn more...

Middle School - Youth ages 11-13 attend 4 weekly 2-hour classes. Topics range from: Talking to Parents about Sex, Body Image, Crushes and Cliques, & learn more...

Late Middle/Early High School - Youth ages 13-16 attend 4 weekly 2 1/2 hour classes. Topics range from: Evaluating Values & Beliefs, Abstinence & Brith Control, STDs, Dealing with Sexual Pressure, & learn more...

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Answering Children's Questions About Sex

Parents often ask us when they should start telling their children about sex. One answer is ... read more

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The Talk Institute is a proud supporter of the mission of Girl Scouts of the USA. Is your daughter a Girl Scout? Check out our exclusive patch programs designed with GS in mind for Juniors and above.


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